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Axis in mod input binding

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Created05.03.2011 10:28

Jimmy Nielsen (Unknown) 05.03.2011 10:32

I have made some changes to a mods. So now I can use an axis for control. Problem is when I add the axis to the inputbindings in the moddesc.xml file:

<axis name="HYDROAXES" category="VEHICLE" key1="" key2="" key3="" key4="" button="" axis="AXIS_1" device="0" invert="false" button1="" button2="" />

It does not work in the game. What am I doing wrong.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 14.03.2011 11:07
Currently there is no support for mods to add new axes. You either need to reuse one of the existing axes, or add two buttons for negative and positive axis direction.

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