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Is 9 the max for additional fruits?

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Created16.03.2011 11:11

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 16.03.2011 11:13
I ask this, do to the fact that others and I cannot add more than 9 fully working fruits. So is there a limit? and is it hardcoded?


Elias Ragnarsson (Unknown) 17.03.2011 12:37
IsĀ“nt the limit the same as for LS09 that the channels of GE is the limit, 32 fruits? I know i had maxed it out in 09Gold on one map.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 18.03.2011 08:26
Hey ER, have you actually tried it though? I think it's nuts. Others and I seem to be stuck at 9 and I have been doing the fruits for a while now. It is possible the numChannels plays a part, but who knows when Giants hasn't responded. I understand you are all busy, just need a clarification that is all.

Yeah in 09 I maxed it out as well, but never had to mess with numChannels, at least not that I recall.

Elias Ragnarsson (Unknown) 18.03.2011 14:26
Not in 11, just 09Gold but due to major lagas result of it and big work to add them i dont tried it in 11 but now i just have to try.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 18.03.2011 15:51
FS11 has the same limits as FS09 and FS09 Gold. This limit is determined by the number of channels in the density map designated to the fruit type, which currently is 4. Thus the maximum number of fruit types is 15. Since 5 fruit types are currently used by the game, there are 9 additional fruit types left for mods.

Elias Ragnarsson (Unknown) 21.03.2011 16:18
That cant be right, i know that maps like Bauern Traum Map had many more seedable and i downloaded a mod from the official farmingsim-forum that was a tut and files on adding 25 fruits to the game and i had all those on a map i did for personal use.
Just have to try if it works in 11 to but was not so easy to get right.
Know that Hide Guts Hof as well had more than 20 fruits and i think it will for LS11 version as well.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 01.04.2011 09:52
Yes, you can change the number of channels designated to the fruit type, which allows you to use more fruit types. E.g. 5 channels allow up to 31 fruit types.
For this you need to change some of the attributes in the FoliageMultiLayer and FoliageSubLayer nodes of the fruit foliage.

These are numChannels, numTypeIndexChannels and densityMapChannelOffset.

If you increase the fruit type channels by one to 5, you can have up to 31 fruit types.

For this you need to set FoliageMultiLayer numChannels = 13
and numTypeIndexChannels = 5.

numTypeIndexChannels describes the number of channels used to describe the fruit type.
If you change the numTypeIndexChannels attribute, you need to adjust all densityMapChannelOffset values of the according FoliageSubLayers.
Since you have increased numTypeIndexChannels by 1, you also need to increase the densityMapChannelOffset attributes by 1.
E.g. densityMapChannelOffset="4" becomes densityMapChannelOffset="5".

For the new fruit types you then can use values up to 31 for the densityMapTypeIndex attribute.

If you change these values, you should delete the fruit_density.grle, otherwise you will get a lot of weird placements of fruit all over the place.

And as always, first make a backup of your map ;)

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 25.04.2011 20:35
Ok, I just got around to doing this, and I have 31 successful fruits, thanks again :)

Mark Schilling (Unknown) 03.08.2011 22:30
Changed the settings as you suggested and when I open the i3d in the editor all the fruit options are gone. I did exactly as you said, changed the FoliageMultiLayer numChannels = 13
and numTypeIndexChannels = 5.

It was FoliageMultiLayer numChannels = 16
and numTypeIndexChannels = 4.

and I increased each densityMapChannelOffset by 1.

Any help would be appreciated.



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