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Created28.04.2011 20:42

Soundguy Senior (Soundguy1) 28.04.2011 20:46
Hi All :)

Not new to FS but need to know what do I need to edit to go over the speed limit for attachments?

Like when mowing Grass speed limit is gear 2 , I want to raise that to gear 3 with out having the mower come uncoupled.
So what do I need to modify? The Mower head? the combine? or what ?
I have looked thru all the posts here for a answer and no luck

Dale Chapman (Unknown) 15.06.2011 20:28
Its something in the luas. I remember when I made a script once... it was something like this.
entry.speedScale = Utils.getNoNil(getXMLFloat(xmlFile, baseName.."#speedScale"), 1);

And you change the 1 to whatever. I think thats how not 100%

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