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Error/debug msg: Missing <modname> 1 in | 10

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Created18.06.2011 20:00

Florian Otte (Unknown) 18.06.2011 20:02
Hi There.

I want to port a mod from ls09 (i guess) to ls2011. The Moddescription semes to work fine - the mod appears on a custom map. However when i get into the vehicle there is this message on the right hand side were the fuel lvl etc are:

Missing Lexion(Modname) 1 in | 10... I can't read the whole msg since the screen ends there - it is the same for all resolutions so i cannot read it. Also the message is not in the log file.

Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 24.06.2011 08:40
I guess this is due to another mod that tries to display some extra information.

The text that is displayed is probably "Missing Lexion 1 in l10n_de.xml".
I guess this mod tries to display the "typeDesc" or "name" information in the vehicle xml.
You should check that you have valid strings in there.
If you have a string with the "$l10n_" prefix, you need to add the rest of that string to the l10n section in the modDesc.xml

Florian Otte (Unknown) 25.06.2011 15:15
Yep that solved the problem. Thanks very much.

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