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conformation on growthstate times

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Created16.07.2011 00:46

Jim Mclarty (Unknown) 16.07.2011 00:53
I am looking for the formula 4.5e+006. how are these types calculated into millisecond/seconds.
Also needing conformation on the times being real world times and does it relect on weather the game is running or not. Meaning if i fire up my game in 4 days will my crop/s have changed states and possible be ready for harvest.

i have searched many forums with unclear answers.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 02.08.2011 09:24
4.5e+006 is the scientific notation for 4500000. 4.5e+006 means 4.5*10^6.

Thus the time per growth state is 4500000 millisecond. This time however might be slightly changed by the selected difficulty and time scale, in the range of 0.64 to 3 times the value stored in the i3d.

The crops won't grow if the game is not running.

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