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hydraulic adjustment of the bottomArm

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Created03.08.2011 09:30

Mario Kreter (Kreters_Island) 03.08.2011 10:08

sorry for my bad english.

I had created an ihc 844-S for LS11 an it works without errors in the logfile. But thers is a problem with the back hydraulic. In Game the FixPiont of the bottomArm hangs to deep. It is not at the same position with the AttacherJoint. i have try something to check out the problem and fix it, but i realy could not fix it. One trail was, to give the AttacherJoint a negativ rotation in GE, so that the AttacherJoint TransformGroup and the Fixpoint of the bottomArm has the same position in GE. But then there is an other problem the hydraulic does not move up, it moves down if i attach something and the back of my 844 was lifted up.

I hope you can help me.

Many thanks in advanced


Mario Kreter (Kreters_Island) 03.08.2011 19:04
The Problem is fixed.

i deleted all things of the BackRotation in the Mod and put them in again.
I do not know where was the problem but now it is elimiated.

M. Kreter

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