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Created28.08.2011 22:49

Kent Johansson (Unknown) 28.08.2011 22:53
Hi i have broblems playing FS11 game crash and says bad allocation. i have a new PC with 8 gig memory what do i do?

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 29.08.2011 15:42
Try re-installing the game , or give the disc a wipe , do a system clean up , check you PC is up to play FS , do the usual , im not expert with the bad allocation error but it sound like it could be a number of things , the more your try the less on the list there is to accuse.

Michael J Staniewski (Unknown) 27.03.2012 06:49
There is a program to fix the problem. When you add a mod, you have to do this once in a while. The program you want is CFF Explorer and do what the instructions tell ya and than that's it till it happens again.CFF Explorer is a free download. Look for "Explorer Suite", it will be in there.

Here is the link to how to use CFF Explorer:

Michael J Staniewski (Unknown) 27.03.2012 07:02

Marcel Van Der Starre (Unknown) 04.04.2012 16:16
Remember to do that trick for both exe files. Game.exe and FarmingSimulator2011.exe

Regards: LS09god from

Yan Belousov (Unknown) 18.07.2012 23:21
I think, that bad allocation is shown when the game rises in phisical and virtual mamory more then 3 GB. Play whith standart vechicles or choose small mod vechicles, and you never see this error.

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