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How to create a bale in MP as a client?

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Created31.08.2011 00:28

Björn M. (KillaBot) 31.08.2011 00:32
Hi all,

I've created a mod that creates bales after certain actions.
If I am the host, everything works fine, but for the clients there are no bales created and even the host doesn't see them.

This is the code i used in my script to create them:

if self.isServer then
self.filename = self.strawBaleFilename;
local baleObject = Bale:new(self.isServer, self.isClient);
local objectFilename = Utils.getFilename(self.filename, self.baseDirectory);
local x,y,z = getWorldTranslation(v);
local rx,ry,rz = getWorldRotation(v);
baleObject:load(objectFilename, x,y,z,rx,ry,rz);

what do i have to add, for clients to be able to create bales, as it even doesn't make a difference if i activate the if-clause or not.

Thx in advance

Stefan K. Maan (Unknown) 07.02.2012 16:14
sry for asking m8. but is you mod making a bale without you having to drive it on the field like normal. ive made a post for that and if so you can have the answers for my problem.

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