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Modify straw and/or hay bale price ?

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Created13.09.2011 12:03

Jean Tube (Unknown) 13.09.2011 12:07

Is there a way to modify the hay or starw bale price ?
How it's calculate ? (price per unit or by the mass)
Can I have a different price for straw bale and hay bale ?


Best regards,

Thomas H. (Patar) 02.10.2011 11:20
Yes, you can change the value at:

local object = g_currentMission:getNodeObject(baleId.nodeId)
object.baleValue = xxx;

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 20.11.2011 15:24
Thomas, what file are you talking about here please? :)

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 06.12.2011 17:50
This isn't a file Keith.
This is a script you can put at some machine-shredder or anywhere you're selling your bales.
A script in a .lua file.

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