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White space on terrain(not white space on mods or buildings

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Created27.10.2011 14:50

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 27.10.2011 15:10
I get this error when converting a 2009 to 2011 map Failed to create fragment shader, CG ERROR : The compile returned an error.
Listing: (431) : warning C7011: implicit cast from "float4" to "float2"
(434) : warning C7011: implicit cast from "float4" to "float2"
(508) : error C1010: expression left of ."normal" is not a struct or array

The whole process works just fine, I have converted many and this is a first kind of this problem. I know this is a terrain problem. This white area on map just lags it all to frustration.

Ok noticed that this is not a terrain problem, more or less a shader problem. Hard to say really.

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 29.01.2012 14:17
Okay, i know, much time passed since you asked the question. And i think you also found the problem. But maybe there are other Users here with the same problem.

I think, because the white spaces on the terrain, that there are too many lights in the map.i3d
You only need the "sun" named light, all others can be deleted.

ps. sorry for my bad english

Devil Kkw (devilkkw) 02.06.2012 03:23
this problem is because some light haven't selected "dynamic" option,aviable on attributes.

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