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Created17.10.2012 09:40

Sym Symek (Unknown) 17.10.2012 09:41
FS 2013 Sample Mod Map will to download?

Mr. Zero (Unknown) 18.10.2012 11:21
I also would like to know it...

We would like to modified our current map from LS2011 to LS2013... we are running a NONSTOP MP server - it's still running more than 11months.. (of course for free) with more then 150 registered players from czech and slovak republic and we would like to react for changes ASAP....

Thank you in advance for your answer... (glenn52) 18.10.2012 13:55

Eric Montgomery (Unknown) 21.10.2012 19:02
Can't get the sample mod to work?

Willam Benton Collins (Unknown) 22.10.2012 04:08
how do you get sample mod map to work??

John Grgetic (jgrgetic) 22.10.2012 04:49
I received an email from Giants over a week ago with a link to 2013 Sample Mod Map; I've visited the downloads page ( a number of times and still can't see an option to download it. where can i find the download??

Cheers (glenn52) 23.10.2012 10:41
@Eric & Willam

Demo version does not support mods.
Full release 25th October...

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 25.10.2012 06:21
Will there be an electronic version of the Modding DVD available as it seems there is only the dvd version with collectors pack which is a little disapointing.

Jess Rohde (Unknown) 04.11.2012 21:20
Well i bought the collectors pack and got the tut dvd for modding a map, and i would like to make a map for the first time, but even when i do as he tells and show on the dvd for making a sample mod map ready, it will not start it just loading.....? so it make me wonder does it need more than it shows on the dvd or i`m just plan stupid. all the things you can make on the sample mod map works in the GIANTS Editor v5.0.1
but it will not start the game so i can see the change i have made.
br Hansukho dk

Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 11.11.2012 21:04
Reply to Jess Rohde

I got the same problem, the loading never stop and I have redone several time the process as shown on the tutorial DVD. I even changed the tittle (sample mod map) in the .xml and .lua map files for myModMap in case the game need the same name as the folder in order to load the map but nothing works. I'm new in scripting but logically in a lot of software, same name or path are needed in order to make thing work but it did not seem to be case here.

Help needed please thanks

Victor B Meierholtz (Unknown) 11.11.2012 21:18
I got the tutorial online from the main FS site. The problem is there are no files attached to the download to play with, as there are with the CD version. Where do I get these files?
Also, the tutorial skips horribly, making it a royal PIA to figure out how to do anything with it. The speaker gets cut off in mid sentence and the section stops. What am I suppose to do now that I have purchased this and can't use it?

Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 12.11.2012 00:27
Reply to Victor B Meierholtz

Everything you need is located in the SDK folder of the Farming Simulator 2013 installation directory.
For the Map you need to make a saveas ("export with all files" in GE) of the original Map on your desktop as shown in the tutorial. The files are also available on the download section of this site.
For the tutorial you can look on youtube if your version did'nt play well, I've seen a German tutorial this morning for the map modding.

Hope that this will help you

Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 16.11.2012 04:06
See my post higher in the tread someone just give me the answer

"myModMap don't load in Farming Simulator 2013"

Lise Jade (Unknown) 23.03.2013 11:25
I got the same problem

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