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Created27.10.2012 15:33

Nicklas Fpagta (Unknown) 27.10.2012 15:34
How do i remove the whole tree?

I mark it in the Editor, press Delete and its gone.

But when ingame i still get the collision of it, like an invincible tree!

How do i remove the collision to?

Anthony Rodriguez (Unknown) 29.10.2012 01:06
you removed the LOD not the actual tree collision when you click on a tree it clicks on the LOD contents not everything the tree is connected too.

If you look at the scenegraph closely the one you want to remove is highlighted click up one level to the whole tree.

example if you click a Poplar Tree it selects PoplarTreeLODs click the one just above the LOD and it will be the actual tree and collision.

if you want to see the collision of a tree just select a tree and move it before doing what I said in the last 2 lines because the collision only moves if you select the actual tree on the screnegraph.

Anthony Rodriguez (Unknown) 29.10.2012 01:08

Richard Macmillan (Unknown) 10.01.2013 18:38
Where do i find the map editor ?

James Dibble (Unknown) 14.02.2013 13:49
Giants Editor 5.0.1 can be downloaded from this site in the download section or look for a win32 folder download thats the ones that work

Allan D Fleetwood (Unknown) 24.05.2013 04:17
Can I remove just the collision so my trees do not block my tractors?

Donald Devine (Unknown) 06.07.2013 01:26
You can remove the collision detection and leave the tree.
1. Click the LOD of the tree.
2. Click the next level up in the scenegraph for that object.
3. Open the Window dropdown on the menu bar and select the Attributes window.
4. Select the Rigid Body tab in the Attributes window.
5. Uncheck the Collision button.
You now have a phantom tree.

Jalikulli (luckycol) 14.07.2021 23:01

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