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Created28.10.2012 20:17

Kazys Giedraitis (Unknown) 28.10.2012 20:18
Hi, im trying to change mod mass. But when i change it, I save it. But the mass doesn't save. What can it be? Please help

Ryan Herzog (TwistedGA) 28.10.2012 21:33
You need to change the density setting to increase the mass of an object.

Kazys Giedraitis (Unknown) 29.10.2012 09:44
I need to decrease

Milan Lekše (Unknown) 29.10.2012 21:05
the same densty from example 1 to 0.1 then save, close and open mod to check new mass to decrease or from 0.1 to 1 .... for increase ;)

Pontus Haglund (Unknown) 28.01.2013 15:09
Old post but anyways..

Tried the above and succesfully increased the mass of the truck i'm editing, but when i tried it in-game, the camera was tilted 90dgrs and seemed to rotate on a different axel then before... What am i missing here i'm 100% sure that i did't change any values besides "Density".

Editing the ScaniaR730_Topline mod.

Bughibala Crazy (Unknown) 31.03.2014 21:38
You have to hit Enter after you change the value.Then save,close, open again and voila, you have the weight of the mod changed.If you don't press Enter the saving is useless.That's why many people are complaining it doesn't work.

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