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Created30.10.2012 01:30

K R A V Y N (Unknown) 30.10.2012 01:50
Working on the PDA for a modified Original Hagenstedt map but when I setup the PDA it's information is totally incorrect even though I am using the samplemodSDK files given to us.

How do I go about fixing the locations where all the shop icons show up the only thing that seems to be working is gas refill locations and no other one.

It is not like I have access to the dataS2.gar file to verify if the image that it is loading is correct.

This is the layout of a location icon self.missionPDA:createMapHotspot("Phone", Utils.getFilename("$dataS2/missions/hud_pda_spot_phone.png", self.baseDirectory), 1024 + 89.6, 1024 - 417.9, iconSize, iconSize * (4 / 3), false, false, false, 0, true);

does it have to be 1024+89.6 and 1024-417.9 ? why not 1113.6 and 1441.9 ? its the exact same map because it was copied from the data folder.

I went around the map to get all the locations so I can make the LUA match it exactly but cannot seem to get most of them to show up its as if the image location is way off or totally wrong.

K R A V Y N (Unknown) 30.10.2012 02:58
Well it seems with the 2013 you dont even need to add the 1024 too the number by default 0 is the center of the map so instead of using 1024+89.6 you use 89.6 same for the 1024-417.9 you do -417.9 and it works perfectly.

Maybe in FS2011 the default was in the corner so to get center you had to add 1024 first.

Really wish there was a way to speak to the actual developers because as people have said they do not give enough information to make a proper mod.

Wim Van San (uptown) 30.10.2012 21:35
there is another issue aswell. When you use the samplemodDSK files, the eggs sellpoints do not show on the pda

K R A V Y N (Unknown) 30.10.2012 22:56
Your right about the egg locations thats because for some reason they never added it to the LUA because if you checked the date on the LUA its actually from over 4 months ago as in the person who made the thing didn't actually update it with the game.

I am trying to figure out how to add it.

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 30.10.2012 23:17
i'm working on a map for 2013, and i could only say that the triggers inside the objects is giving more trouble when insert, then when you open the data/maps/map01.i3d and export the needed trigger into your edited map, do not now wy but its realy freaky building a map now.

insert a object from out the 2013 objects and its giving errors, and not on the gamemap so i do not understand it sometimes. try insert the containers and you end with a colorshader.xml error

Wim Van San (uptown) 01.11.2012 11:53
What I understand out of the 1024 + 89.6, 1024 - 417.9; is that 1024, 1024 is the center of your map. Could be wrong here, but it seems that the values are the offset from centre instead of the actual positions.

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 06.11.2012 09:58
best way to put your icons on the pda is:
open your map and save it, close it
go to your saved game and adjust the carreer file to give you more money and save it

open back your game, now buy vehicles but select them by type, now drive to the icon spots and leave them there, thats wy using other vehicles every icon other type. once done remember witch icon is witch vehicle, even write it down.

save your game
now open savegame/vehicle.xml and your samplemodmap.lua

now you need to go look inside vehicles and take the position from the vehicles placed .
<vehicle id="18" filename="data/vehicles/steerable/lizard/golfCart.xml" isAbsolute="true" fuelFillLevel="30">
<component1 position=" this -406.99963378906 87.587341308594 and this -872.99859619141" rotation="3.0500066280365 0.87120151519775 3.063282251358" />
copy the value to the icon your doing
self.missionPDA:createMapHotspot("Bank", Utils.getFilename("$dataS2/missions/hud_pda_spot_bank.png", self.baseDirectory),here -363.75, here -625.57, iconSize, iconSize * (4 / 3), false, false, false, 0, true);

this is the fastes way for making sure your icons are in the propper position on the pda.

do not wy the start doing all so crazy like 1024 + 513.75, 1024 + 202 spend hours finding to get it right true photoshop. so i started thinking what hold the position information, not the pda that did not worked, so i looked at the saved game and that worked directly so wy go break your head on calculating your whole pda.


Hans Karlsson (Hassebilder) 06.04.2014 00:09
- bga
self.missionPDA:createMapHotspot("TipPlace", Utils.getFilename("$dataS2/missions/hud_pda_spot_tipPlace.png", self.baseDirectory), -89.5, -354.3, iconSize, iconSize * (4 / 3), false, false, false, 0, true);
self.missionPDA:createMapHotspot("TipPlace", Utils.getFilename("$dataS2/missions/hud_pda_spot_bank.png", self.baseDirectory),here -363.75, here -625.57, iconSize, iconSize * (4 / 3), false, false, false, 0, true);

<vehicle id="1" modName="serviceCar" filename="$moddir$serviceCar/Werkstattwagen.xml" isAbsolute="true" fuelFillLevel="67.35368347168">
<component1 position="1701.5262451172 102.17625427246 326.63366699219" rotation="3.1296718120575 -0.0034418036229908 -3.1412851810455" />

Help me this? 4* map

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