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Created31.10.2012 00:10

Shane J. (Unknown) 31.10.2012 00:13
Hi, I am trying to convert some of my favorite mods from FS2011 to work in FS2013. One of them, I can get to show up in the store, but if I click buy, the game message says there is no more space and I need to remove the other items. The lot is completely empty and I still get this message. I have not seen this error before, does anyone have any ideas what I might need to do? (glenn52) 02.11.2012 04:51
This seems to be mod related.
I have converted 4 FS2009 Fendts and only one gives me that error.
Still checking files to see what the problem is... (glenn52) 02.11.2012 05:38
I have solved my issue here.
The *.i3d file and *xml file names must be the same, other than the filename extensions.
eg: fendt936BBvario.i3d and fendt936BBvario.xml
Somehow in renaming an *.xml file template I used, I got it as fendt936varioBB.xml and the game did not like it.

Anthony Marsden (Unknown) 06.11.2012 13:02
hi there im looking for some help if at all possable im trying to convert the krone bigx1100 beast pack from fs11 to fs13 but i am having very little look ive got it all to show up in store but when i purchase it it wont let me in it or use it it dosent even show up on the vehicle select screen via the esc buttom can anyone please help or if some one could convert this for me i would be forever gratefull because i love this mod thank you (glenn52) 13.11.2012 10:10
There is a simple conversion guide in the forum on my site:
Easy to follow, step by step with images to help

Chris Wilcher (Unknown) 01.06.2014 08:04
does that like apply to convert fs11 to fs13 from scratch

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