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Created09.11.2012 12:36

Daniel Andersen (dakar2008) 09.11.2012 12:39
Hi GIANTS, why can't you provide us with some documentation so it would be alot easyier to make mods for your games, i really need some documentation on example the g_currentMission parameters a complete list of those parameters would be very helpful

Ellinor Ström (Unknown) 10.11.2012 23:47
The sources for 2011 was released so i have all confidence that they will be for 2013 too. Just give the guys some time, right now i am pretty sure the guy's at Giants main concern is to iron out bugs and release fixes. Patience is a virtue!

Adam Plachta (Unknown) 11.11.2012 13:59
85 % scripts of FS 2011 doesn't workin FS 2013. We really need the Documenttion.

Matthew Pemberton (Unknown) 21.11.2012 09:01
we really need the documentation as for modding its difficult without them

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