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modded map does not show

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Created09.11.2012 20:47

Luke Dethomas (Unknown) 09.11.2012 20:51
I am trying to create a new map layout from the sample map. When I place the modded version in the folder it does not show up. I have even went as far as just changing the name of the map and still cannot see it in the mod folder. Also several of the modded maps that I downloaded have the same problem but many do work. I have opened several of the files and cannot find any discrepancies in the programming that would cause the error. (glenn52) 14.11.2012 09:29
Try to get the SampleModMap from the SDK to work in-game before you make your own changes.
Have a look in topic: 'myModMap don't load in Farming Simulator 2013'

James Dibble (Unknown) 14.02.2013 16:37
You may also have to unpack the maps in order to make them work.

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