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Created18.11.2012 14:41

Daniel N (Unknown) 18.11.2012 14:45
Hi All,

Before i start modding and mapping, i have a few fundamental questions.

1. Is it possible to start really with nothing, just the 200.000 Kredit and you first have to buy everthing you need to start from scratch?

2. Making a map with several spots for farms so you can first choose where to start and with which buildings, so normal buildings like the house, must be buyable?

3. Do i need for this more than just Giants Editor? (no need to create new buildings,textures and stuff)

Many thanks and best regards

Elizabeth Bargas (Unknown) 15.02.2013 03:54
I would like to know when I will get my disk in the mail? I didn't order to play online, I order for a birthday gift. So I want my order. Ifyou email but it in english Thank you

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