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Converted mod map crashes without errors

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Created22.11.2012 09:55

Michael Demarco (Unknown) 22.11.2012 09:58
Have been converting a 2011 map and have everything loading into Giants Editor without any errors whatsoever. However, when loading a new save game using the mod just hangs before the yellow 'Start' button appears, and I get an error saying Giants Engine has stopped working.

I have checked the log.txt and it shows the map loading successfully in however many ms, but it just keeps crashing. I have even tried replacing all the moddesc and lua stuff in the root folder, with the modmap - same problem.

Finally, I even tried deleting everything from the map except for terrain, waterplane, start point, and sun and it STILL crashes. No idea where to look next :/

Alexander Grasmu√úck (Unknown) 10.04.2013 16:41

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