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Created18.12.2012 11:05

John Vanderheiden (Unknown) 18.12.2012 11:09
Hi, I have been doing some maps for 2013 and with a lot of success but just today when I went to do more to a map I have been working on I get and error as follows.
Error: Failed to open xml file '
Error: Out-dated custom shader. '' has version 0. Please convert this file to version 2.

I have searched but cannot find shader version 2 ??
Please help as some items in my map now appear white in color (glenn52) 19.12.2012 07:46
Look in your C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\log.txt for in-game errors or C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 5.0.1\editor_log.txt for editor errors to identify the out dated shader file, & replace it with corresponding file from your 2013 game install folders.

Unknown 19.12.2012 16:41
Thanks for your reply, I did what you said and found the errors and did what it said but still wont work sadly.
What I did was export a silage storage shed from another made, then imported in my map. When i placed it with the editor all was good, showed as it should. But when I start or load a game the shed appears white and has no texture, everything else works the triggers etc but it looks very bad.
Again thanks for your help. I'll keep pulling my hair out trying to find out why :)

John Vanderheiden (Unknown) 19.12.2012 16:43
opps that should read - exported a silage shed from another map - not made (glenn52) 19.12.2012 22:53
Has the shader error gone?
Did you get any errors in the Scripting window of the Editor?
Make sure the textures for the shed are accessible to the game?
Correct reference(s) in the *.i3d file?

John Vanderheiden (Unknown) 20.12.2012 12:53
no in the editor all is fine, no errors.. In game though the shed is white with no color or textures
where should the i3d file be for the game to see it ?
Thanks (glenn52) 20.12.2012 22:25
Have a look at the map folder structure.
You should have something like: map/models/buildings
Place the new_shed.i3d and textures in there: map/models/buildings/new_shed/new_shed.i3d?
In map.i3d ensure the correct path to these files in the <Files> section;
<File fileId="num" filename="models/buildings/new_shed/new_shed_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>

John Vanderheiden (Unknown) 21.12.2012 20:00
Thanks for all the help Glenn but I still cant get it right :( lost to many hours sleep over it, I give up. (glenn52) 22.12.2012 06:44
That's a shame...
If you want to post in the forum on my site, I am more able to assist from there.
Or go here: - the "Giants Support Forum" - better community help here.

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