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Created05.01.2013 11:44

Remco Hopman (Unknown) 05.01.2013 11:50

I downloaded some different Fendt mods: 924, 936, 939 and Trisix. Every modder created its own performance of the tractor, resulting in the 936 being "stronger" than the Trisix. In real life, the 936 has around 360 hp and the trisix a little under 600.

So what I am trying to do is to change the xml file with the torques and to create a realistic hp output for the tractors, so the 924 is the weakest, the Trisix the strongest.

But what does the "maxTorques" mean? The 4 figures behind the figures of the speedlimiter rpms?
What does maxAcceleration mean? Although it is set at 0.2, it accelerates like a rocket.

I bought the Giants Tutorial, but that didn't help a lot because this was not covered.



Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 05.01.2013 17:11

the max torque and setting HP
but I know it must take into account the maxTroque and forwardGearRatio = "12.5" backwardGearRatio = "9" differentialRatio = "1"
to establish a perfect engine

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