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Created27.01.2013 17:29

Michael B (olhund23) 27.01.2013 18:12
WE are a cpuple of guys Who tryied to convert a PG25 From FS ll over to FS 13 And its Working properly But when we try to start it So it unloads the manure the game just stops And a LUA Error shows in the log. but we cant se what the LUA error is.
So i would like to know if you got any ideas of what might be wrong ? it would be nice to have such a manure tanker around

this is det failure in the log:
local deltaLevel = FruitUtil.fruitIndexToDesc[self.currentFillType].literPerSqm * difficultyMultiplier * self.literPerSecond;

Error: LUA running function 'update'
C:/Users/michael games/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/j_samsonpg/KawecoTridem.lua(436) : attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 10.02.2013 19:33
Suggestion: Print out each of the variables, to locate which one contain the nil value.

print("difficultyMultiplier: ".. tostring(difficultyMultiplier));
print("self.literPerSecond: ".. tostring(self.literPerSecond));

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