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Issues with my first mod

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Created08.02.2013 21:14

Sander Bultman (Unknown) 08.02.2013 21:25
Hi there!
I'm a newbie here and i have a question that i couldn't found in this forum.
Maybe i'ts usefull that i tell you that i use my every day for my animation study? So i know that sofware quiet well.
That is not my problem but i think the problem is in the xml files.
I made a very basic model out of boxes and cylinders for testing my first mod.
I copy'd a few things from other xml's and changed all the index numbers so that they are the same as my mod.
After zipping the mod en put it in my mod folder the mod showed up between the mods.
But when i try to buy it, it says "your selection is being purchased..." and there is nothing in front of the shop.
When i buy a mod from another person it says "You can fetch your purchase at the store."
Does anybody know how i can fix this?

How did you all start modding? Is there a place where i can find good tutorials with information about the whole process of making a mod? I have bought the tutorials on Steam but they are very basic :(

By the way... sorry for my bad english :)

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 10.02.2013 19:39
Hi Sander,

Please check your log for issues with your mod.


Chris De Haeck (Unknown) 20.02.2013 04:23
This sounds like it's being processed as if buying a placeable object, and not a vehicle or tool they place outside the shop.

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