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How to edit vehicle spawning

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Created23.02.2013 20:56

Scuba Mx (Unknown) 23.02.2013 20:58
So I'm making a map but I can't figure out how to get vehicles you buy to spawn by the vehicle store. I exported the spawn point for the farm and the vehicle shop from the starting map into my map but it still didn't work. Anybody know how to do this. Thanks

Oliver P (Unknown) 10.03.2013 20:32
Im wondering the same thing

Dennis Henriksen (Unknown) 30.04.2013 21:55
When i try to buy new implements, it says, no more space! Really wierd.

Scott Lewis (samelewis) 06.05.2013 17:17
Check the StorePlace start and ending points, under VehicleShop in scenegraph.

Andreas Bach-mose (slowmose) 24.03.2016 13:40
Thankyou Scott, you just saved my day :)

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