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How to let it rain

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Created28.02.2013 17:42

Thomas H. (Patar) 28.02.2013 17:45
Hey guys,

i need to figur out how to let it rain. In FS2011 I could simply write:

g_currentMission.environment.timeUntilNextRain = 0;
g_currentMission.environment.rainTime = 50;

but that doesn`t work anymore...

I`ve found some values at g_currentMission.environment.rains[1] but don`t work correctly...

Regards, Thomas

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 04.05.2013 21:26
you can it in the console, open your console with ~ and typ, GsStartrain

Thomas H. (Patar) 12.08.2013 13:06
And How should I Call a console function with an lua Script... :P

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