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Created01.03.2013 12:07

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 01.03.2013 12:10
Is there any difference for Mods created for FS13 running on a MAC system as opposed to FS13 running on a Win7 system ?

I have a mod that loads and runs fine on a Windows based system but when installed on a MAC system, the mod gives the error ("Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod KerFabBaleForkPack") yet the descVersion is in the mod.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 01.03.2013 12:14
Hi Jeffrey,

Could be an issue with upper and lower case chars in filenames. Windows is not case sensitive in regards of filenames but MAC OSX is.

Something like moddesc.xml ==> modDesc.xml could help


Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 01.03.2013 12:31
Thanks Chris, i will try that and get back to you.

rgds Jeff

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 01.03.2013 12:40
Hi Chris,

I checked the case sensitivity and it is modDesc.xml, i also checked it and the contents against the sample mod example and my version is identical to the sample mod with exception of the obvious parts relevant to the mod.

The user has had this issue with several mods created by other authors and it is the same error message each time.

I will try a new different mod with the end user and see if it remians the same issue.

Also, thanks for a speedy response.

rgds jeff

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 01.03.2013 13:58
Found the error and it was my mistake.
Its a description that was used before the official lua scripts were released.

the modDesc.xml reads:-

<type name="dynamicMountAttacherImplement"

and should read:-

<type name="implement"

the SqrBaleFork.xml reads:-

<vehicle type="dynamicMountAttacherImplement">

and should read:-

<vehicle type="implement">

This has been tested by the end user with no errors on a MAC OSX system and is now working.

rgds Jeff :)

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