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Created22.05.2013 20:20

Chad Theede (theedefarms) 22.05.2013 20:21
I have been trying to overcome this for some time now... when I open an i3d file in the editor, there are no colors, log lists a bunch of texture errors, and shader versions of "0" to be changed to "2". I deleted editor, and downloaded new editor twice now. If I go to a default vehicle i3d file, they have color, all is good, but if I copy/ paste them to desktop, no color again... so I renamed and put into folder with the default vehicles i3d (caseih) loaded and color worked, but saved with file folders gone...white on lot. What am I missing? thanks for any help

J Puddester (Unknown) 27.08.2013 21:07
Hi Chad

Don't feel bad. I've done this so many times! Create a mod, and then run it to find out is completely white!

It's not enough to just export an object with files... you have to modify the i3d itself so the paths to your files are correct.

Edit the i3d by opening it with notepad.

All of your textures are defined here in the first part of the file... and the paths to them!

Paths are relative (to where your i3d file sits)... so if you put the textures in a folder next to the i3d called 'Textures' you'll have to specify the file's location correctly. i.e. textures/myi3dtexture.png

I do hope this information helps you.

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