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Created12.07.2013 20:32

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 12.07.2013 20:37

We are searching for good modders and scripters the would working in a team. we are a community with the name: Ls-Farming. we have modders but we would like more modders and scripters to get a nice team to make nice mods. if you like to work in a team and make mods with us. contact here.

kind regards
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Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 12.07.2013 20:50
Hey Tom,

i don´t know, if i´m a good modder, i just begun with blender. But i have many experience from my work throug drawing in solidworks for agricultural plants in Grain storage. I would like to learn also scripting and so on, cause im programming in pascal (delphi) frontend software for our warehouse system.

so if there´s some interest just contact me

Best Regards


Tom Endeman (Unknown) 12.07.2013 21:27
Hello Michael.

I like to hear your reaction, maybe is easyer to contact me on
i hope to see your reaction on my email.

best regards


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