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Created14.07.2013 17:43

Cosmin Cristea (Unknown) 14.07.2013 17:46
I am a error in log and I don't know how to solve it

Error: LUA running function 'update'
D:/Code/Giants/lsim2013/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/InputBinding.lua(116) : attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

Can someone help me please?

Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 14.07.2013 18:29
it seems to be something wrong with the input bindings of the mod, can you post me the ModDesc of the mod? special the input bindings



Cosmin Cristea (Unknown) 14.07.2013 18:43
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<modDesc descVersion="9">
<author>GIANTS Software GmbH & Convert of ls11 to ls13 by cosmincoco</author>

<multiplayer supported="true"/>
<text name="IGNITIONMODE"><en>Start the engine</en><de>Motorstart</de></text>
<text name="ESLimiter_level"><en>Level</en><de>Stufe</de></text>
<text name="ESLimiter_controls"><en>ESLimiter:</en><de>Drehzahlbegrenzer:</de></text>
<text name="Tuer"><en>left door open/close</en><de>Linke Tuer oeffnen/schlie├čen</de></text>
<text name="Heckfenster"><en>Heckwindow open/close</en><de>Heckfenster oeffnen/schlie├čen</de></text>
<text name="Fronthydraulig"><en>UnterlenkerFH klappen</en><de>UnterlenkerFH klappen</de></text>
<text name="frontwork"><de>ArbeitslichtV</de><en>Worklight</en></text>
<text name="rearwork"><de>ArbeitslichtH</de><en>Worklight</en></text>
<text name="BEL3LEFT"><de>Blinker links</de><en>left turnlights</en></text>
<text name="BEL3RIGHT"><de>Blinker rechts</de><en>right turnlights</en></text>
<text name="BEL3WARN"><de>Warnblinker</de><en>hazard lights</en></text>
<sourceFile filename="SP/ESLimiterEvent.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="SP/ManualIgnitionEvent.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="SP/ManualIgnitionStatsEvent.lua" />
<specialization name="anim" className="anim" filename="SP/anim.lua"/>
<specialization name="ESLimiter" className="ESLimiter" filename="SP/ESLimiter.lua" />
<specialization name="operatingHours" className="OperatingHours" filename="SP/OperatingHours.lua" />
<specialization name="manualIgnition" className="manualIgnition" filename="SP/manualIgnition.lua"/>
<specialization name="dynamicExhaustingSystem" className="DynamicExhaustingSystem" filename="SP/DynamicExhaustingSystem.lua" />
<specialization name="Fenster" className="toggleAnimatedParts" filename="SP/toggleAnimatedParts.lua"/>
<specialization name="beleuchtung" className="BEL3" filename="SP/beleuchtungV3.lua"/>
<specialization name="suspensionAxisWheelSteering" className="SuspensionAxisWheelSteering" filename="SP/SuspensionAxisWheelSteering.lua" />
<specialization name="Fender" className="Fender" filename="SP/Fender.lua" />
<specialization name="Rainwipper" className="Rainwipper" filename="SP/Rainwipper.lua"/>
<specialization name="panellinfo" className="panellinfo" filename="SP/panellinfo.lua"/>

<type name="JD7930" className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="motorized" />
<specialization name="ESLimiter" />
<specialization name="operatingHours" />
<specialization name="cylindered" />
<specialization name="animatedVehicle" />
<specialization name="steerable" />
<specialization name="hirable" />
<specialization name="aiTractor" />
<specialization name="manualIgnition" />
<specialization name="anim" />
<specialization name="Fenster" />
<specialization name="beleuchtung" />
<specialization name="suspensionAxisWheelSteering" />
<specialization name="Fender" />
<specialization name="dynamicExhaustingSystem" />
<specialization name="Rainwipper"/>
<specialization name="panellinfo"/>
<![CDATA[Thats the 7930 John Deere with the Autopower CVT Transmission and 250 Horsepower.
The Front Axis Suspension is very comfortable , and the foldable front linkage is useful.
Modell:MF390 / Janhenrik
Convert of ls11 to ls13 by cosmincoco]]>
<![CDATA[Der John Deere 7930 hat 250 PS und ist mit dem Stufenlosen Getriebe AutoPower ausgestattet.
Mit seiner gefederten ILS Achse ist er sehr Komfortabel. Auch die Klappbare FH ist sehr praktisch.
Modell:MF390 / Janhenrik
Convert of ls11 to ls13 by cosmincoco]]>
<image active="store.png"/>
<brand>John Deere</brand>
<input name="IGNITION" key1="KEY_KP_enter" button="" />
<input name="ESLimiter_PLUS" category="VEHICLE" key1="KEY_KP_plus" key2="" button="" device="0" mouse="" />
<input name="ESLimiter_MINUS" category="VEHICLE" key1="KEY_KP_minus" key2="" button="" device="0" mouse="" />
<input name="Fronthydraulig" key1="KEY_5" button="" />
<input name="Heckfenster" key1="KEY_colon" button="" />
<input name="Tuer" key1="KEY_comma" button="" />
<input name="Motor" key1="KEY_KP_enter" button="" />
<input name="frontwork" key1="KEY_6" button="" />
<input name="rearwork" key1="KEY_7" button="" />
<input name="BEL3LEFT" key1="KEY_KP_1" button="" />
<input name="BEL3WARN" key1="KEY_KP_2" button="" />
<input name="BEL3RIGHT" key1="KEY_KP_3" button="" />

Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 14.07.2013 22:38
<input name="IGNITION" key1="KEY_KP_enter" button="" />
<input name="Motor" key1="KEY_KP_enter" button="" />

why there is used 2 times the KEY_KP_enter ? maybe this is your problem. Just take one line out

Motor is German for IGNITION

If its still not working, maybe there is an converting Problem. Should this mod converted from 2011 to 13?

Cosmin Cristea (Unknown) 14.07.2013 23:01
I really converted but is converted correctly for that shop there and you can also buy it and can only see that once purchased can not move and I have to leave the game.
I am changed:
<input name="Motor" key1="KEY_KP_enter" button="" />
<input name="Motor" key1="KEY_Y" button="" />

and the same problem ....

Help please ......


Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 15.07.2013 07:40
it seems to be converted from. if you have skype just tell me your skype name, and i can have a look about this on the evening



Cosmin Cristea (Unknown) 15.07.2013 14:06
My skype account it's : Cosmin Cristea - fs2013
But i'm not english so we can't to talk :(


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