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grainStationSilos -> grainStation returns money

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Created24.07.2013 19:53

Simon Jensen (Unknown) 24.07.2013 20:16
I'm currently working on a map and trying to add silos.

I've imported models\objects\silos\silos.i3d and textures\terrain\grounds\grainStations.i3d and then replicated the structure that is present in map01.i3d.
That is - Inserting a grainStation object (from grainStations.i3d) into the grainStationSilos object.

The final structure of the grainStationSilos object is as follows:
grainStationSilos (root)
-> grainStation_col2
-> grainStation
--> grainStationTrigger
----> triggerStart
----> triggerEnd

I also placed the siloTriggers underneath each silo.
When I test the map I can load grain onto trailers, but when I try to unload a trailer with wheat etc. the silo is not being refilled, but instead I receive money.

Guess I'm using the wrong trigger for the grain station? I just can't figure out which one to use.

Any suggestions?

Simon Jensen (Unknown) 25.07.2013 19:23
edit: post deleted (not relevant)

Simon Jensen (Unknown) 25.07.2013 19:55
nvm found out what was wrong.
I forgot to check the "isFarmTrigger" under user attributes for the grainStationTrigger.

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