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Multiple Items Selected When Moving Or Deleting Objects

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Created20.08.2013 17:10

Michael Covington (Unknown) 20.08.2013 17:12
When selecting a single objects, a lot of times the editor will move a random object with the one selected and not show as being selected. A fix is needed badly for the editor 5.0.3!

J Puddester (Unknown) 27.08.2013 21:15
Hi Michael. This happens to me too... you have to be very careful to select just the item you want to move.

ctrl-z will undo your cut or move function in the editor, but you have to do this immediately when you discover something went wrong... the editor doesn't cache all of your previous actions (just the last one).

Hope this helps

Mark Brookes (Unknown) 06.10.2013 12:42
Actually the editor does cache several actions, probably a preference setting. I get into the habit of always clicking in the whitespace of the scenegraph to make sure that nothing is selected before selecting the item I want to move.

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