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Created22.10.2013 20:00

Arwin Boom (Unknown) 22.10.2013 20:03
Hello everyone.

I've been making this lowboy with gooseneck lately but because the lowboy itself en the gooseneck are separate, the wheels of the lowboy itself won't steer. So I'm looking for someone who can make me a script which can make the lowboy steer.

Thanks in regards,
Arwin Boom aka ArwinLS (on other forums)

Dread Tuga (dread) 29.12.2013 14:05
you dont need a script for that, you just need to change the drivemode and add:
rotSpeed="x" rotMax="x" rotMin="-30", if im not mistaken driveMode="2" is for the directional wheels (front wheels) and driveMode="1" is for the back, if this doesnt work you should take a look at a similar mod and compare it to yours

Arwin Boom (Unknown) 04.01.2014 00:35
I know that. But there is no rotation on the attacherjoint between the lowboy and goosneck so the wheels from the lowboy don't have any information to let the wheels steer. He instead should get it from the goosneck and that is why I need a script

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