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Created29.12.2013 18:52

Stefan Hercules (Unknown) 29.12.2013 18:58
Is there anyone that can help with adding more fruits to FS2013. I have tried out all the tutorials, how to add fruits, how to add more fruits and non of them seem to work for me. I think it has something to do with the GRLE file or adding sub layer channels. I have played FruechteparadiesV2 and has all the fruits. But the said map does not have a i3d so I can not see how the fruits was added. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Ps ! looking to add kaffee ! grape ! apfel ! mushroom ! cotton !

Dread Tuga (dread) 01.01.2014 15:51
if you did all the tutorials and it didnt work for you then you must be doing something wrong or missing a few lines, redo the tutorials and there are more maps that have aditional fruits for you to compare with, patience and a clear head will take you a long way

Stefan H (Unknown) 13.01.2014 16:24
hi dread. I do come rite with 1 or 2 extra fruits. but they just don't grow, and all looks like grass from a distance. from what I have read its something 2do with a grle file. I have 1 map with lotsa fruits but there is no map i3d so I cant c what was done 2 get the fruits 2 work. and other maps I would like 2 download I cant. they on share mods.

Martin Meijer (Unknown) 15.04.2014 13:23
Delete your GRLE files and try it again

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