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Created03.02.2014 15:59

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 03.02.2014 16:00

Here I created a mod I would like to move the flexible via "skinnedNodes"
but I can not do it at all

I use the "skinnedNodes" my flexible appears in the map and 3km (lol)
how can I fix this?

thank you to you.

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 06.02.2014 12:17

the mesh pivot translation has to be (0,0,0) because on loading the mesh will be linked to the map rootnode.

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 07.02.2014 14:45

I just ask one point info for the skeleton, it must set the "cannel box" in Maya

Envelope: 1
Skinning Method: Classic Linear
Use Components: off
Normalize Weights: Post
Derform User Normals: on

or not?

if so, what parameter should I use thank you

"For once in my 3D GE is well placed but once in game it is a place"

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