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Change the maps and mods to English

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Created07.03.2014 01:48

John Ross Smith (Unknown) 07.03.2014 01:52
how do you change the maps and mods to english

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 10.03.2014 10:38
Just select your language in the settings menu. Also mods need an english translation in the modDesc.xml

Jonathon Napier (Rabastan99) 22.10.2014 19:07
A lot of the user made maps don't have English translations. As English is not the primary language of the maker. Even if they do have an English option that wont change the graphics in the game (Signs and such) You will have to go in and manually make new texture maps for them in English.

I have done this for a few of my favorite maps, and it was can get pretty in depth depending how complicated the original maps are. I also made it a point to maintain the integrity of the original creators work.

The irony is, after translating a number of maps for my own use (Google translate was my bff). I found I was able to play maps and pretty much get the jest of the signs in the game.

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