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Add texture to new imported object

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Created07.03.2014 21:32

Marcin Husiatynski (martinflash) 07.03.2014 21:32
how to add material or texture to new imported object in Giants Editor?

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 10.03.2014 10:37
with the current editor version 5.0.3 material assignment functions are not available.
The only way is to use a texteditor and edit the i3d file manually

Jeff Editor (FSJP13) 11.03.2014 13:29
Be sure you also copy the texture dds file into the folder for your mod. Then open the i3d file with XML editor and updated the file location to point to the new location.

Marcin Husiatynski (martinflash) 12.03.2014 20:45
When I make simple object - a cube [in 3Dmax 2014 64bit] and then attach to it a texture from material exitor and export it to i3D it works - I mean I can see textures in the GIANT editor. But, when I convert cube to editable poly and attach texture to one face only there is a problem because I can not see that texture. Why? Does all ways of adding textures to object should work or there is only a few ways to add textures?

Marcin Husiatynski (martinflash) 01.04.2014 21:39
OK, when I use unwrap UVW modifier than I can see all textures.

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