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Grass won't cut in converted map

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Created28.03.2014 21:46

Shawn Santee (JDNHRAFrEaK) 28.03.2014 21:57

I've successfully converted 3 Maps from 2011 into 2013 and everything works as it should, except the cutting of grass. In all 3 of my conversions, the grass won't cut for some odd reason. I've tried replacing textures and looking at and comparing lines in the FoliageSubLayer to that of the Default Map for 2013. The only ways that I can cut grass is if I plant it ingame, or go into GE and paint it, or plow up all my haylots and plant them again, but that wouldn't help me out if I just started a new savegame and wanted to just cut hay... I'd prefer to not erase all the grass in GE and then repaint it all, so if there's any other way around that, I'd rather do it that way. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Jesse Houlihan (Unknown) 15.04.2014 21:16
Could you please tell me how to convert a map? Then I will convert one and try find out the problem :) Link me a Tutorial

J Puddester (Unknown) 18.07.2014 06:53
Hey Shawn. I've seen this problem and I think I can help you...

The proper way to create cuttable grass that will regrow is to choose 'grass' from the dropdown menu (that's bit 1) and then add bit 6 to it as well...

Unfortunately, I didn't find a way to hack the existing noncuttable grass... select 'grass' from the dropdown, and then remove the checkmark from bit 1 so no checkboxes are selected, and then left click to effectively REMOVE all of the grass, and then recreate it using bits 1 and 6... your new grass will be cuttable in the game.

Remember, if you change your foliage you have to start a new game to see those changes... the foliage weight and density maps are part of the savegame folder and are loaded everytime you start that savegame, regardless of the changes you make to your map in the editor.

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