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Change door triggers to automatic

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Created25.04.2014 20:48

Brad Iverson (Unknown) 25.04.2014 20:49
I have a map full of manual door triggers. How do I change those door triggers to make the doors open automatically upon approaching them?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.04.2014 08:38

have a look at the default map (Hagenstedt).
At the BGA (in the hirerarchy: locations -> BGA) you can find gates which open/close automaticaly.
So, you could transfer your manual doors to this type of door.
But be aware, that the BarrierTrigger rotates it's objects only around their z-axis.
This means, that you propably would have to manipulate your current doors.
Here the new functionality of the most recent GiantsEditor comes in handy (menu: edit -> freeze transformations)


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