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Created01.05.2014 01:50

Darko Revan (Unknown) 01.05.2014 02:07
Hey Guys,

the function Utils.getDensity calls the function getDensityParallelogram and passes the given coordinates, which are world translated, to it.
On a regular sized map (e.g. default Hagenstedt Map) the map size is 2048 but the terrain detail map size is 4096.
So when I pass world translated coordinates the area defined by them would not match the same area on the terrain detail map, due to the different sizes.

I would like to know if getDensityParallelogram considers this and translates the coordinates so they match the same area on the terrain detail map.



Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 05.05.2014 15:41
The function will consider this if the denisty map is bigger than the map size

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