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Game crashes, no log errors

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Created29.05.2014 14:31

Robin Ganzeboer (newhollandford) 29.05.2014 14:37
Hello, Ive been editing my tractor to my taste. But when I buy the tractor the games says,"You can fetch your purchase at the shop", I want to click on back, but then the game freezes and closes. As the title says, there are no log erros of this happening.

Does anyone know what's wrong or......

Regards, newhollanford

Keary Smith (Unknown) 30.05.2014 01:43
Strange.....that's never happened before in any other YouTube video that i have ever seen.
The graphics might be crashing it if youre using an on-board graphics card.
Or maybe the game cant render it properly.......

Scott Be (Unknown) 02.06.2014 13:34
Hi newhollandford

When you say edit maybe having little more information exactly what has been edited/changed might help sort your issue.

If no log errors I would double check the particles systems (exhaust, wheel, etc) make sure the path is correct. This will cause the mod to crash the game when purchased.

If new parts/objects have been edited/made make sure the new parts/objects don't have (ridged body static) checked and are in the main dynamic collision this will also cause the game to crash with out error in the log.

Good Luck hopefully you will get your issue figured out.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.06.2014 16:27

dont forget to check (eventually disable) the mod scripts.


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