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Created01.06.2014 18:28

Ronald Weatherspoon (Unknown) 01.06.2014 18:32
I am looking for a semi triler that can hold 100k plus, wheat, barely, corn, sunflower, soybeans, oats, canola, and sorghum. Also looking for new pda witch shows prices for all the grains. I have had no luck finding them. found cat trailer, says it can carry sun flower but it doesn't. if anyone can help please post in this thread with link.
Thank you

Must be able to hook multiple trailers and work with the U.S version of the game.

Christapher Lawrence (Unknown) 16.07.2014 05:03
The only trailer that I have found that will haul any material is the Australian trailer. Each trailer can haul 30 ton however you can connect an infinite number of trailers. I normally run two trailers max and never try backing them connected. Let me know if this interests you if it does I will send you the compressed file.

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