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Created15.06.2014 20:30

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 15.06.2014 20:30

I just wonder if the format "tga" for a texture is accepted by the games.

thank you

Paul Wittner (Unknown) 16.06.2014 06:36
tga has no advantages compared to dds
dds is more efficient, better compression and uses less vram

Keary Smith (Unknown) 16.06.2014 19:51

OK, I have never heard of tga files, though I am assuming that it is like a jpeg or png.
If so, here is why it is not a good choice:

.dds files (DirectDraw Surface) goes straight to the graphics card, bypassing the Processor.
jpegs and pngs CAN be used, but they require complex calculations by the processor.

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 16.06.2014 19:54
ok thank you for your answers

Keary Smith (Unknown) 17.06.2014 22:40
You're very welcome.

I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it is a VERY VERY old image file.

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