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Created05.07.2014 19:09

Keary Smith (Unknown) 05.07.2014 19:09

I have a map that i am working on, but when I try to test it in FS2013, it seems to be missing pieces.
Here are the errors:

Load mod: Mountains_of_Arendelle
Error: Failed to open xml file C:/Users/Keary/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/Mountains_of_Arendelle/modDesc.xml'
Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod Mountains_of_Arendelle

I stole the modDesc.xml file from another mod and edited it, but it still brings this up.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.07.2014 08:08
Hi Keary,

that sounds strange, because the 'descVersion' attribute is the very first attribute in a xml file.

<modDesc descVersion="XX">

Check if the line exists in your modDesc and have a look into other mods to get an example for that entry.

This entry is not map specific - every mod must have this entry.


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