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Created25.07.2014 13:57

Marc Behrend (Unknown) 25.07.2014 14:00

I wanted to have a silo near the cow husbandry on the standard hagenstedt map to store forage and silage and chaff, so I created a modmap and copied the standard silo. I can fill it with forage but I can't get it back out of it. What can I do to solve the problem?


J Puddester (Unknown) 25.07.2014 22:31
There could be any one of a number of problems here but since you can fill your new silo you're already halfway there... good job :-)

I suggest:
1/ the vehicle has to be capable of carrying forage (of course)...
2/ the trigger node behaviour has to be defined... the easiest way to do this is to COPY an existing crop type and then change your copy to handle forage... most times it isn't enough just to export/import transformgroups... it's all done with nodeIDs, so study all aspects of your example to see if there are any references you didn't copy when you exported the original silo.

Don't give up... If you still can't figure it out I'll help you again later


Marc Behrend (Unknown) 28.07.2014 18:06
It works fine with chaff, but it doesn't with forage and silage.


Timo K├╝hnel (Aranea) 17.08.2014 14:49
because forage and silage are FillTypes, not FruitTypes.
the Silos can only handle FruitTypes (which you can seed and/or harvest)

you would need a script to make your Silos handle FillTypes and edit them for that

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