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mod shows up in store but cant buy

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Created01.08.2014 12:30

Jason Jacobes (Unknown) 01.08.2014 12:33
Can any one help? My mod shows up in the store but I cant buy it. It says "No more room you must remove purchased item first!" Even when no items where purchased...? Even if you have no items at all! How can I fix this?

J Puddester (Unknown) 04.08.2014 03:33
I've seen this with another mod called and I didn't find a solution. I suspect there may be an erroneous item that extends well beyond the expected limits of the initial item, such that this misplaced item is touching the ground or nearby buildings, making the game think that that little pickup truck is too big...

Unless you want a challenge, I suggest you delete the mod and find a working version...

Anyone else have a better suggestion?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.08.2014 08:35

the mod is named: mrJB...

Important is the 'mr', which stands for 'More Realistic', a huge modfication to the game.
You have to take a look at the download portal from where you got the mod from, propably they have this More Realistic Mod for DL too.

But keep in mind, that the named mod changes a lot of things (especially the driving behaviour) and that non MR mods/vehicles and MR vehicles should not (always) be used together.


Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 09.08.2014 17:57
"No more room you must remove purchased item first!" is a typical error when there is something wrong it the script of a mod. It's only a way to say that there is an error somewhere in the mod. What you can do is to put only the affected mod in your mod folder and than start the game. Buy the truck (even if you can't) just to make the game try to load it and then exit the game. Then go to My Game/farming simulator 2013 folder and check the log file if anything going wrong with a mod check the line where it try to load the mod. This is only to diagnosys what is the problem in the mod.

Hope this help you

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