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How can i create Triggers?

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Created12.08.2014 20:05

Harry Scolding (Unknown) 12.08.2014 20:07
Can I have please have some help making a trigger for a building eg. Sliding doors
If you can please put it in beginner language


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.08.2014 09:57

the simplest form of a trigger is a cuboid (check the default map for 'example triggers' with the functionality you want)

You can grap that trigger and scale it to your needs by using the function "freeze transformations" (right click on the object in the scenegraph), but you have to disable the rigid body attributes to be able to scale the object and re-enable the rigid body attrbutes afterwards.

Actually you also need an object which has 'User Attributes' to activate/load objects and properties.

If you have any specfic question feel free to ask.


Harry Scolding (Unknown) 14.08.2014 11:26
Thank you
But I would like to create a trigger not copy I have tried to get a tigger but giants editor dose not like it so can you explane how to make one from the start

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.08.2014 18:13

the only thing you have to pay attention to is that triggers must be convex!
Except hat you can create any form ;)

To create a new shape you can use nearly any 3d modeling software.
But it is recommended to use a software which we support with our i3d exporter/tools.

After you have created a new shape/form/object you'll have to integrate into the map/mod and use some 'user attributes' to bring it to live.
A lot of examples are out there to get you started with that topic.


Harry Scolding (Unknown) 15.08.2014 20:35
Ok that's help I have sketch up and a convertor but can you give me a link to a tutorial because I can't find on that would help a lot

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.08.2014 08:34

nope, sorry but there is no tutorial as far as i know.

But i try to give a rough outline here:

Import your new trigger into your map and place the moving part (the door) as a child into the trigger.
Note: there can be more than one moving part

Next set the 'rigid body' type to static (your trigger should not move, right?)
+ collision
+ trigger
+ collision mask: e00000

Then add the following 'user attributes' to each of the trigger's childs (the moving parts)
- translateX
- translateY
- translateZ
- speed (optional)
- pauseDuration (optional)
All attributes should be of type 'float', but 'string' does work too.

Hope that helps.


Harry Scolding (Unknown) 18.08.2014 08:45
Thank you so you do not need to write any script

I will give it a try
so you do not need to write any script

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.08.2014 16:20
Nope, the script is already integrated.

Use the following 'user attribut' (of type 'scriptcallback') in your trigger to get it loaded during startup:


Harry Scolding (Unknown) 18.08.2014 21:01
Thanks so much but just let me check so I make a door and a invisible cube then I make it staic and add

User attribut translate X,Y,Z
And pauseDuration and make them float
Scriptcallback slideDorrTrigger.onCreate

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.08.2014 08:29

the cube should have the following user attribute
(scriptcallback) slideDorrTrigger.onCreate

each door should have (you can use multiple doors ;) )
(float) translateX
(float) translateY
(float) translateZ
(float) speed (optional)
(float) pauseDuration (optional)


Harry Scolding (Unknown) 21.08.2014 15:31
Thanks so much and sorry for being a Pain

I Am really looking forward to fs 15 it looks great thanks for all your help

Alexander Layson (Unknown) 30.03.2016 13:14
Hello can someone explain how to make triggers work on mods with opening doors I have download a mod that has animation doors the animation doors work in Giants editor but the trigger doesn't work in the game play what should I do I've tried to copy and paste a trigger from my mod map into a 3D butt it still didn't work can anyone help me please and thank you

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.03.2016 07:33

you are refering a mod, right?
In this case please try to contact the autor.
We can't give support for any mods here ...


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