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Created13.08.2014 19:38

Jack Cooke (Unknown) 13.08.2014 19:42
hi there I am new to modding and do not no anything about mods or what program to use so if anyone can help or do it for me I will be very grateful and it has to be for farming simulator 2013

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.08.2014 10:05

assuming you want to create a new vehicle or building/asset, you need a 3D-modeling program.
Maya, 3ds Max and Blender are programs which we support.
The I3D Tools for Maya propably are most commonly used.

After you've created the 3d model and its textures you can export the model to the i3d format and start to integrate it (set up .xml files) for FS13.

Please note: it takes some time to gain enough experience in maya/blender/max to create efficient (in terms of polygon count and texture size) and visually pleasant mod.
But in the end it depends on your very personal demand of quality.


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