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How to create and properly code feilds in FS 2013

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Created23.08.2014 18:04

Christopher Pascarella (Unknown) 23.08.2014 18:09
Hi everyone.
I'm new to the FS modding community and I am attempting to create my first map. I have watched all the tut's and I am at a speed bump in my creation. I am needing help in creating useable fields and how to properly code them. any tips and goto's will be helpful..

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.08.2014 08:32

have you watched the video tutorials?

There is a video about 'foliages' which explains howto create fields.

But maybe your problem is somehow more specific? Then please explain it in more detail ;)


Christopher Pascarella (Unknown) 28.08.2014 19:56
Yes thank you I have watched the video , my question to be exact is after having created the field like done so in the video, how do I make it a buyable field and how do I make it show up correctly in the pda in game ( which I shouldn't jump to far ahead since I'm still in the map creation part of my mod). I am kind of new to modding with FS and I am trying to create a correctly working map to be played single and multi player. Another question too is when placing grass foliage on the map , does that make that area of grass mow-able in game?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.08.2014 17:58


To make the fields buyable please have a look at the default map.
There is a transformgroup named 'fields' which contains further transformgroups.
These additional transformgroups define the area of the field(s).
I think it gets clear when you have a look ;)

Depending on the bitmask you use when placing grass on the map it is mowable or not.
So, if it's outside of a field definition it can be mowable.


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