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Created29.08.2014 13:58

Carlos Quiroz (Unknown) 29.08.2014 13:58
Hey guys I need help with making a new mod work on farming simulator 2013. Maybe theres a discussion about it already I can't see to find it that way you guys don't have to repeat that same thing Smiley . If you have a link to it I would appreciate it.. but if you could answer it here would be great. Well I been looking at YouTube at tutorials and all that . I been Modding on maya for a while now. I want to transfer them into farming simulator. I seen tutorial on how to convert a mod on maya to a i3d file to put it on gaints editor. Now the problem is that is not showing on the game. For example. To test if it works I did a cube on maya with just a lamber color. I convert it to a i3d file . Well I unzip a map and I place that cube on the map in gaints editor, then I zip the map back and place the map on the mod section on farming simulator, but when I when to test it on the game if the cube was there it doesn't show like if I never place nothing on it. I got a could of mods I want to do but they won't show on the game like new building that I made.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.08.2014 17:53

as long as you are testing a map you don't have to zip it ;)
Only if you want to use the map/mod in multiplayer you have to zip it!

Further it is not possible to have a zip file of a mod/map and the (extracted) folder fo the same mod/map concurrently in the mods folder.

Hope this helps.


Carlos Quiroz (Unknown) 29.08.2014 18:42
Ok thanks I'll try that :) . And one more question. I have mods on maya 2014. I seen the videos that they got on how to convert the mods from maya to a i3d.file . I did a cube to test it out with a lamber color on maya . I converted the cube to a i3d.file. now I placed the cube on the map and save it, but when I when to test if it works on the game it don't show the cube . Is there something I'm missing?

Carlos Quiroz (Unknown) 29.08.2014 19:27
In oder for me to see the cube on the map do I have to put the cube i3d.file for example in the map scenegragh? Like group it with the map that I edit? To see it on the game

Carlos Quiroz (Unknown) 30.08.2014 00:56
I got it working thanks the problem was that when I place the cube on the map I was just importing it. But I never made a new folder on the map models.file for it I got it working now thanks for you time tho.

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