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Created07.09.2014 07:46

Flynn Greer (Unknown) 07.09.2014 07:50
I am making a Scania flatdeck truck, with ramps that come out of the back and rotate, to allow vehicles onto the back. I have animated this using the PlayStandAnim.Lua except I am having trouble with the ramp collisions following the course of the ramp animation.

Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated!

Lee Glasser (Unknown) 09.09.2014 12:52
I set developer="true" and then hit F5 in the game. That helped me figure out my problems with collision.

Red = Static
Orange = Dynamic
White = Wheel

Make sure the trailer is Dynamic and Compound. The stuff that's moving should be Static and CompoundChild. The only way I know of to make a child compound is to edit the I3D directly adding compoundChild="true" to the appropriate shapes. Compound children act relative to its compound parent.

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